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My Sister and Soul Sister

In the last week, two major events took place in my life. My sister Maryszka got married to my now brother in law Toshi, and my soul sister Nadia got married to my now brother in spirit? hmm, yes, brother in spirit … Zeno.

The first was Roo’s marriage to Toshi –  an amazing man, fun, mysterious and well, mostly mysterious to me because he doesn’t speak much English. In truth I don’t need to speak with him to know he’s a good man; I can see it in the pictures my sister posts every so often. The pics are always taken on a hike in the mountains, by an Avatar looking tree or out by the ocean. The thing that gives away that he’s “the guy” is that their eyes are always smiling in the pics. Cheesy to notice, yes, but she’s my sis and I love her dearly… I notice (holy jalapeno cheetos). I heard wonderful things about the wedding, and I’m over the moon with happiness for you Roo Roo.

Then there was the wedding of my soul sister, Nadia, who is probably everybodies soul sister because she just has that kind of depth and radiance. I truly love her and if I was a little more Aamir-ish I’d probably be in love with her new husband Zeno as well, lol. This wedding was held in VERONA, ITALY and was planned meticulously, down to the point where even I, the consummate procrastinator, had my plane tickets purchased 4-5 months in advance. Unfortunately due to a PR card debacle I wasn’t able to attend the wedding, and I have to admit I’m completely heart broken over it. Nadia and Zeno, I know it was a dream wedding, and I couldn’t be happier for the two of you. Please post more pics somewhere so Ayanna and I can at least see a little of the awesomeness. Maci, Abu, Ali, Robyn, Aamir, Blake, Neil and all other extended family, I miss you all terribly and I hope you had a fabulous trip.

Needless to say I’m happy, proud, inspired and hopeful for my two sisters and my two new brothers. May you age beautifully together but stay young at heart!

Love always,


Rock'n'Roll... I love this pic!

Rock’n’Roll… I love this pic!

Not a quite chariot drawn by white horses, better, A white mini with a whole lotta horse power :)

Not a quite chariot drawn by white horses, better, A white mini with a whole lotta horse power 🙂


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