Organic thought, plastic surroundings


Hello beautiful friends and wonderful family,

Now I know I’m terrible with follow up texts, calls, emails, skypes, and all other forms of talkie talk, but it is very important for you to know that in spite of my jerky introvertism I love you all very very much. I’m always thinking of you all with love, concern and care.  I’m just a bad communicator.

I don’t consider myself wordsmith and often find myself pressed for words, but I figure I’d give this wordpress thing a shot. So if you like,  you can check in with me here where I’ll post about the “going ons” and hopefully the communications will improve.

I get that this is supposed to be an about page but the people who I hope to attract with this page already know me and are close enough to not need an “about”

This is my wordpress, I’m not writing for my pleasure,  I’m writing for my loved ones!



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